Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures in May

My new house.

The side view of my house.

About 2 months ago I met a girl named Elizabeth. I was waiting for a bus and she came by in her car and picked me up. We've stayed in contact, she's giving me a few rides to Villarrica but we've never hung out. Well David and I went to Iturbe, where she lives and owns a gas station infront of the organic sugar cane factory, and hung out with her. She invited us to go to an Asado at her boyfriend Estancia. So that night after a meeting I had she picked us up and we went to his estancia. I was picturing nice houses, and what not. We get there and its a one bedroom mud hut with a bed on the floor, a fire outside with three men in bullet proof vests standing around watching the meat. There was a building being constructed behind, and lots of work equipment. Her boyfriend is in the business of fatting up cows, and sheep to sell and is just starting to build his estancia. We sat down and the men in the bullet proof vests were stairing at me. I had a really funny feeling and was sure I would be kiddnapped or murdered! While thinking that I was living my last night the boyfriend of Elizabeth invites us to go look around at his estancia, in the pitch black. At this time I was sure that it was the end. We walked around, looked at the electric fenses, his pond with alligators, oh thats where I thought he'd throw us, then talked about the building that was being constructed. We get back to the fire, luckly without dying, and ate lots of meat and chorizo. Well they didn't kidnapp or murder me, the night was kind of fun, but the guys in the vests were creepy. So I asked if they were body guards, no. They are other estancia owners that are very rich and are scared someone wants them. So I think the conclusion is, Elizabeth is nice I would like to hang out with her, but the boyfriend and his other rich estancia owner friends, no I would not like te hang out with.

Yataity. The captial of Aopo'i the traditional craft. I wanted to go to get new ideas for my own things that I am making. Get up at 5:45. Pooring rain. Wait for a bus. 3 busses pass becuase they are completly packed and won't let anyone else on. Finally the 4th stops and get to Villarrica. Now i have to get on another bus to Yataity. The driver tells me yes, the bus will pull into the town. While in rute the bus breaks down, get out and wait for another. Yes still raining. The next bus comes, but won't pull into the town, so I get off at the enterance and walk 2km in, still raining. Get to where I am going there are 5 other volunteers also doing the same thing I am or ordering special things for their parents. We have a good time eat good food, make cinamin rolls and gossip. When it's time to leave there are no buses, and walk 2km back to where the busses would be. Its pooring rain. Get to the road, and wait, no busses. Finally we wave down a car, get in and get to Villarrica just in time for the last bus into San Salvador. I get home and am completly wet, muddy, and smell a little.

Its starting to get cold, really cold. It's been raining for a week, and the road almost flooded, again. Everyone is getting really excited for the world cup. All of the media and propiganda is about futbol and how many days till the first Paraguay game. Well June 14th Paraguay plays Italy, then 20th they play Solvakia and the 24th they play New Zeland. GOOO Paraguay!!

My kitties being cute!

Playing soccer. Yeah pretty sure i almost died!

My new friend Elizabeth and I