Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Almost 3 months later

Our Wedding

So I am not sure if anyone is reading this still or ever was but I've decided I'd like to continue writing this blog "de vez en cuando" so David's family can see pics from Paraguay. They have yet to figure out the facebook we have set up for them so maybe if I just give them a website to go to they may see some pictures of the WEDDING!
Yep, we got married! The wedding was perfect! We had so much fun seeing all of my family and friends. It was more than a wedding, it was a big family/friend reunion. It had been 2 1/2 years sense I'd seen anyone and David had never met anyone so it was nice.
Two nights before the wedding my girl friends threw me a bachelorette party at Eagle Crest Golf Resort where the actual wedding was held. I got to see my Salt Lake friends for the first time since we've been back! It was so nice to see them! We drank gin and tonics and ate pizza, played drinking games, talked and watched brides maids like 3 times. It was a good night!
The next day, a little hung over and exhausted, Felecia threw a beautiful bridal shower at Ginny's house, my next door neighbor. We ate yummy cucumber sandwiches, played "guess liz's age" and made wedding dresses out of toilet paper.
Two hours after the shower ended we had to get ready again at go to Sully's to practice at the rehearsal dinner. At the rehearsal dinner only our immediate family, plus felecia and jake of course. We practiced our vows for the first time with Jim, the wonderful man who married us, and all of the other details that were to go into the next days events.
The actual day of the wedding, November 5, Felecia and I went to get our hair done at 9:30 am then to makeup at 11:30. We went and picked up our bouquets and went to the River Run Event Center and met up with the crew! Lori, thank you, set up all of the tables with our flower arrangements, Nanduti center pieces, table names, candles and more. My father was in charge or the planning and organization of the reception. And he did an AWESOME job.
When my dad and I were walking down the isle all I remember was trying not to blink. My eyes were full of tears I didn't want them to rush down my face, so I couldn't see anyone! In the end the ceremony was beautiful. Jim did a great job mixing in Spanish with English and was good at making people laugh.
The Turner/Woodly family from Malin, our distant cousins, were in charge of the catering. We ate tri-tip with tulie lake horse radish, delicious chicken, agrauten potatoes, green beans, salad and rolls that were to die for! The "bebidas" were fantastic as well. We had Dan Tippy's famous Rock Chuck red as our house red, sangria which was made from an batch of rock chuck red and local beer from cascade lakes. The drinks were a hit because at the end of the night there was nothing left!
Patrick and Felecia did an amazing job with giving toasts. That was actually David's favorite part, he later told me. Patrick made everyone cry when he busted out some spanish welcoming David to the family.
The cake we had on our table, the really pretty one, was only good for being pretty. It was really hard to cut into and very dry. The Dj played the wrong first dance song, he was close by playing Bob Marley, but didn't play Is this love, he played One love. And thats about it that went wrong. Oh yeah a glow stick, bright green, exploded onto my wedding dress but with a little help from Kasey and some soap it came right out!
Other then those very very minor setbacks we DANCED the night away. From the point when people finished eating until 11:45 we danced.