Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Growing up

As my
service is coming to an end I am starting to make reflections back on my two
years as a Peace Corps volunteer and on my life.

coming to Paraguay I was doing fine, I´d finished college, worked a little in Kenya
with microfinance and was pretty sure I wanted a career in microfinance.
Looking back on that time period and even earlier on in my life I´ve realized
that I´ve just been going with the flow or doing what was expected of me and
didn´t think much about what I was actually doing or actually wanted. Just an
example…In college I got decent grades and managed to do all my work, but the
truth is, I don´t remember much of anything, how I felt, what subjects I really
liked etc. Taking for granted the awesome opportunity my parents gave me.

After two
years, of lots of free time/time to think, I´ve realized how much I´ve really
gown as a person. I can honestly say now I am an experienced leader who wants to
do more with her life, more than just get by and have fun. Paraguay and the
Peace Corps have taught me how to plan and execute projects, write grants,
organize groups, speak Spanish, adapt to a new culture, be a better person and appreciate
all the work that people do within their communities to make it a better place.
I´ve become a lot more patient and flexible which I consider qualities very key
in the success of any project, job, family etc.

I´m not
trying to put myself on a soap box, I just wanted to write down how I am feeling.
I really do feel Peace Corps has enabled me to develop as a person and find my
true self (and true love) finally.

Who knows
what the future holds. I do know that I will give 100% in a job hunt in which I
hope to find a good fit for my skill set. Also I will give my all at whatever
job comes my way and hope to be able to contribute in more then what are my responsibilities
are in any give task. I fell as if I could be a success story of the Peace
Corps, maybe I´ll end up being a recruiter…