Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's been a cold and wet
winter here in Seattle. That means lots of time spent indoors and lots of time
spent playing on the Internet, watching movies, eating etc. Last week David
didn't have school all week (snow days) and I was off work on Monday (MLK day) and then Wednesday and Thursday my
work was closed due to SNOW!

Thursday we managed to
leave the house after watching 4 movies on Wednesday and drinking a half a
bottle of whiskey! We went to get Pho with
Patrick in the International District and it was delicious. After that we
didn't want to go back home and sit some more. So we downtown and walked around
in the snow. It started to snow even more so we stopped for some coffee and
people watching. Our bus, the #7, got stuck in the snow going up Jackson Street
on the way home. So we walked up Jackson to Rainier and waiting for another bus
to pass by.

By Friday I was a little
tired of being home. It's not that I don't love spending time with David its that
we usually go out and do stuff, explore, but we were basically trapped at home.
David's snow pants were at Patrick's
house so we couldn't go sledding or partake in traditional snow activities. And
there was NO way I was taking my car out on the roads, people in Seattle do not
know how to drive in the snow. So yeah, Friday, I was ready to work. I would
have walked there if I had to!

David's English is Rocking! Yay!
February 1st we have his green card interview! I'm a little nervous. I have no
reason to be nervous but I am. I think it's the fact that Immigrations still
has the opportunity to say no. Although we have all of our documents in order
and are a REAL couple it's a little stressful! After he gets his green card
he'll be able to work.

It will be so nice once he starts working. We've been on a tight
budget with just one income so a lot of stress will be relieved once there is a
little more wiggle room with our finances.

In the end we are ok! We are
fat, happy and in love!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random pictures from around Oregon and Seattle

Hurrican Ridge - Olympic National Forest
Gasworks Park- Seattle
Mussles for dinner!
Bike Ride in Seward Park- Seattle
Oregon Coast
Bottle House Wine Bar- Seattle
Sounders Futbol game- Seattle

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Urban Camping

David really wants to go camping but it’s cold and rainy here in the Northwest so we set the tent up inside. We had a great night watching movies and giggling on our camping trip.