Sunday, July 19, 2009

more pics

my mom on right, aunt across from here and my gma next to her.

michel and i on the radio show

the carpinchos in villarica

my family

pushing the wheel barrel collecting cow shit

4th of july party at the embassy

angelic´s birthday party awhile ago. angelic me and mary

my bath in the kitchen. to the right were the chickens they didn´t fit in the pic

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  1. Liz future suggestions fromt he OB nurse. You need to listen and help the mother deal with the grief of her loss. What we see is it takes years because of how it happenns and then it is easily forgotten by the family. She needs to tell the story and you need to give the positive strokes. ANy papers or what every you can find for them to read on grief/ loss. Offer some kind of closure service or something. Burial or writing a letter about he loss and burning it to let the thoughts go. They are real and the mother nees to work through this. Good luck and I am sure you will see many more of this there. You might even get to assist in a birth or loss.
    We miss you. Stay safe.
    Aunt Holly