Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A few examples of how things here in Paraguay have changed

1. My family has 3 cars
2. When I told them the names of my cats (which are in Guarani) the daughter who is 23 asked if those were words in Guarani.
3. I've seen a computer in every house that I've been too
4. I can understand EVERYTHING because they all speak Spanish
5. We ate cannaloni for dinner, from scratch
6. I now go to exercise class every day at 6:30pm then play volleyball after until 10pm.
7. When the people greet me they will say "hello" and then "bye bye"
8. Had a full conversation in English with a man on the street my first day here.
9. There is a pretty sweet old train station here
10. The animals don't stay in their yard, the cows, sheep, horses, and pigs are free to roam the community.
11. Last night when I got home my host dad had a projector watching dirty music videos on the side of the big white church across the stree from their house. "sin verguenza" as their 11 year old daughter said.
12. There is a coffee pot, yes a machine to make coffee
13. Guitar classes every monday

Its so different, but so fun. I've already met a bunch of people, and girls my age. There are a few rivers very close that my host dad likes to fish at, and so we've already made plans to go to the river. They asked me to be apart of the living nativity sceen but I said that should be left to Paraguayans. I think I'll stay here in site for Christmas, and then be with David for New Years. Time is FLYING by.

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  1. Awesome, what a huge difference! Much love, Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!
    Love Kim and Alexa