Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello all!! Its been a fun week or so since í´ve writen last. Paraguay played Chile and Brazil and lost both times. My host dad was pissed. We watched both games together. He was yelling at the TV saying ¨these are professionals, they are getting paid all this money and they still suck¨ But it was fun to see the community get excited for the games. He also recently bought a DVD player so now we can watch paraguayn polka music videos. Which are totally AWESOME! And he is really into the John Wayne western movies. Its interesting to watch them in spanish.

So i have learned not to express my feelings for food anymore to my host family. They gave me some cookies and i said they were really good. Well now my mom gives me 2 packs of cookies a day. Pretty sure i should stop eating the cookies. I now give them to my language teachers and the other people in class.

So my host moms mom got sick and so my mom left to go see her 4 hours away. While she was gone my host dad was in charge of running the store. He was also in charge or cooking lunch. I go to class from 745 till 12 then back at 1 to 5. He cooked me meat. Two pieces of the meat, that they sell in their store, that sits on top of the fridge all day... cooked in a frying pan for like 15 min on both sides. it was leather. i was so tired after lunch because my jaw worked so hard chewing all the meat. My host mom ,tita, then came back WITH her mother. who is part of some religious community. she wears a white thing on her head almost like a habbit or whatever nuns wear. and is consantly touching me and telling me how ¨lindo¨i am. hillarous. at breakfast yesterday she played with my hair all morning. quite the character.

Today is a holiday Paz de Cacho. Our homework was to ask our families about the war the chaco war, and my family doesn´t know much so i am not sure what its all about. but its a day off!

We went to asuncion, the capital, for the first time 2 days ago. it was a scavenger hunt. my partner was carrie and we had 3 places we had to find, then meet at the peace corp office at 1. first we went to the paraguay train station. which doesn´t even operate. there were two trains but no rail roads so its basically just a museum. but apparently the trains are some of the oldest ones still standing. we found the other two spots pretty quickly and then just wondered around the city. the archetecture in asuncion is amazing. but half of the building are un occupied. there is one building that looks like the white house but its a church and inside are the tombs of some old leaders. not too sure. we went to lido bar for lunch, í read about it in a book before i left. had the best empanda and salad!

the peace corp office is really cool. there were a few other volunteers there using the library and what not. every one is super nice and there are tons of resources for us there. we have been told varous times not to re invent the wheel. so if we need resources for a project its probably been done and everything we need is at the office.

There are these two brothers David and Eddy. Eddy is 18 and David 26. Eddy asked if i would dance with him after the futbol games on sunday. and how ¨lindo¨my eyes were. I told him maybe if i was still there after the games. Got to the futbol games at 3 and davids game was next. durning the game he scored a goal and then pointed at me and said the goal was for me. I left the game before it was over because it was dark. He came to my families store and asked why i left early, he wanted to dance. ´my mother is totally fueling the flame too....she likes these guys and thinks i should hang out with them all the time. david came to the store this morning with out a shirt on and need to buy some soap. and asked íf i´d drink with him tonight!

Tomorrow i am going to caaguazu for 4 days to stay with another volunteer. i am excited to see what its really like to be a volunteer! so i am sure there will be more stories.

I am at a new internet cafe, the old one isn´t so safe anymore. 2 days ago there was a stabbing out front. so my host mom wont let me go. I miss everyone so much. Oh Nicassia if you are reading this. Lots of people buy red wine and coke. Its popular drink here. so everytime i see people drinking it i think of you! and your basque family!

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