Monday, September 28, 2009

amimal noises

So there are always lots of animals running around and the families are always yelling at them to get out of the house, or the kitchen. A quick solve would be to put the chickens in a coupe and the pigs in their pen, but instead I have the pleasure of enjoying these sounds....

woosh or shhhh for chickens
nipu or neeka or the kissing sound for dogs
kuush or the sound uhh for pigs

mind you these sounds are typically produced by the women very fuerte.

ohh..and if you are trying to get the chicken out of the kitchen and make the sound for the dog..they won´t understand and will stay in the kicthen.

We had our VAC meeting, where i was able to meet all of the volunteers around me. It was fun, we stayed out at a ranch of one of the volunteer´s familiy.

Pretty sure Paraguay is the ONLY place in the world where its about 100 degrees one day and the next its about 40. this has been happening for about a month, its nuts, and i think i am going to get sick.

Not too much is new, I am going to experiement with detergent this week. My new host mom is part of a different women´s group, they are really amazing, so I am going to try and work with them also.

Oh..for my address in the blog posted about 2 back just use 25 de abril. its not necessary to use all three. i´ve already received a letter, so it works. hope all is well in the states.

love you all

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