Thursday, September 3, 2009


my hammock...i moved it to a tree with more shade

rolling the chipa

mixing the chipa

putting the chipa in the tatakua

Adella my host sister jumping rope

Carchito jumping rope

jump rope- with rubin and carchito

the rat poop on my mosquito net

sandra peeling my pomello

my horse - mode of transportation

lettuce and swiss chard

the watermelon fields

my family´s huerta

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  1. hello. my names daniel. i a teen from the states. im very interested in what the peace corps is all about. nothin is like talkin to a pearson from the field. journals and everythig is fine but not as good as just now. well pls add me on msn. pls add tell me about your trips and all that happends over the next 27 months.