Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another move, a new house, and a sick cat

So the move into my new house went well, a horse and cart came to pick up my stuff to move it to the new place, which was very helpful. I have a GREAT talent of accumulating things. Not sure how I do it, but I do it very well. The new place is very nice, actually a lot nicer than the old place. It has two bed rooms, a front room, kitchen with sink, and modern bathroom and the best part is ITS ALL INSIDE!!! I no longer have to run outside when it’s poring down rain to use the bathroom or wash a dish! The house came with; table and chairs, fridge, stove, and two beds. Another great thing is during the day when it’s hot outside its nice and cool inside and at night when its chilly outside, inside its nice and comfortable. Oh wait you haven’t heard the best….I don’t have bug bites all over my body. I still itch a little but my legs, back, and butt aren’t covered. Today I went to the owners house, it’s been about a few weeks since I’ve moved in and the first thing she noticed is that my legs looked normal! Ok so the conclusion is, new house rocks!

My English class is winding down, our graduation is April 24. The day that I was prepping to give the class a charla ( little chat) about the united states, I went into Villarrica and received the letters from my mom’s science class. She has a few students from Mexico or that can speak Spanish and they wrote letters to my English class, including pictures. My girls ( English class = all girls) were sooo excited. They loved the photos and were fighting over the letters. Their homework was to write back, using as much English as they could. I took their pictures and they should be done and ready by the graduation. For their graduation, every one of them will talk in front of their families or friends that they invited. They all wrote something about their lives in English and have been practicing for a few weeks now, so it should be very fun!

I am currently prepping for my first charla about business. In the class of Informadores Turisticos we are starting to talk about if a tourist was to come, what kind of business would there be. The homework for the week was to come up with a business for San Salvador. Then the professor asked me to give a charla for the next week. So I am pretty excited. I have materials, it’s actually a business class, that I have taken themes from and am getting everything ready! I want to start the business class for the community, but I am going on a vacation when my parents come, and am going to wait till I get back so I can be fully dedicated.

Ndikuaai was acting kind of funny, not eating much, sleeping a lot and I could tell she was sick. I took her to Villarrica in a box, which she escaped from as I was getting onto the fully packed bus. Sat in the front next to the driver, with her in my hands the entire time. I got to Villarrica before the vet opened so we had to sit on the side of the street for about a half an hour. While in with the vet, he took her temp, 40 degrees Celsius, I went to get money, not wanting to watch him give her shots. David stayed with her, and when I returned I was told she didn’t like the shots and bit the doctor. Oh yeah she doesn’t have her rabies shot yet. Oops! We left her at the vet while we went to look for something to carry her home in. At the grocery store I found a plastic picnic basket which was perfect. On the way home in the hot bus, she cried, puked, and was not happy. Its been 3 days now and she still isn’t a lot better. She has been throwing up her food, and the medicine, but has been able to jump out the window and chase bugs. So there is hope.

I have been learning the traditional craft well its like cross stitch or something like that of the Paraguayans, Ao po’i. I had become friends with a girl, Nancy, who was my age and I would go to her house every day and she would teach me, we drank terere and talked girl talk! Well after two weeks of fun, her and her boyfriend decided to move to Ciudad del Este because they found jobs there. So she left, and I am left with the search for another good girlfriend, and someone to teach me more Ao po’i! These constant changes are getting exhausting!

I have also started a garden, I’ve cut down about 1/5 of the bamboo that I need, but things are coming together! I am excited to have some fresh lettuce and other veggies.

Well its starting to rain, again, and should probably turn the computer off before the lights go out. I am thinking about everyone back home, and have been really missing everyone lately. Can’t believe its been almost a year!

Love and hugs!!!

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