Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our first Valentine's Day- Married

Valentine's day in the past really had no significance in Paraguay. Now a days its becoming more and more popular because of the growing American culture influence on Paraguayan adolescents due to the Internet becoming more accessible.
The past two Valentine's days David and I didn't do anything. Its not just that they don't celebrate it in Paraguay its also because I believe its a holiday designed for people to spend money. I know that David loves me and I love him and we don't need to prove it by spending crazy amounts of money. Every day we tell each other how much we love each other therefore Valentine's day is just like any other day.
So now I guess I sound like a hypocrite when I say I was excited for Valentine's Day this year. Maybe it's because we're married, in the states and all of the propaganda got to me and made me want a special night with my husband, who knows. But I was super excited when I came home to this...
And I made this delicious "postre" for us to share!

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