Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bug Bites and Yuyos

I can not remember the last time I went a day with out itching. My legs are not pretty too look at, all the Paraguays say " oh no, what has happened to your legs, what kind of bug did that to you?" My legs are still so white that the big red bites, and scabs stand out. Right now my back and stomach are also nicely covered, pretty sure the bed I have has bugs, spiders, and who knows what else. I feel I may be illergic to the termite dust as well. If I am lucky my house will stay standing for the two years I am here. Spiders big and small....soo many in my house. I think it makes for less mosquitos, but then how do I still have all these bites?!...All I can say is not sure what is eating me during the day or night, but I don't want to itch any more. I can't sleep with out benadryl and bug spray.

While David was here, we went into Villarrica one day to get groceries. We ate pasta and sopa paraguaya for lunch. Afterwards I was super fully and didn't feel well, maybe it had something to do with the ice cream that I ate after, not sure....Anways...after about 3 hours my stomach still hurt and we were waiting for the bus in the terminal. In the bus terminals you can rent, yes rent, terere. That means a guampa, yerba, bombilla, and pitcher with water and whatever yuyo you want. All smashed up and ready to serve while you wait for your bus. Don't think I will ever rent this equipo while I am here, especially in a bus terminal where is smells like throw up. So..we were waiting for the bus and I was complaing how my stomach hurt, so David went to the women renting the terere and asked what yuyo was good for an upset stomach, a random man heard david and said "i have the perfect yuyo, wait here". He left for about 5 minutes and came back with a wilted plant. I told david that I was not going to smash up a yuyo from the bus station and drink it without boiling the water. He said of course not. We get home, I am laying in the hammack, forget about the yuyo and David came with the terere. First ha, and I wanted to puke. It was sooo bitter and disgusting...He put the yuyo in without boiling. I wish I could say I got terrible sick and vomited stomach ach went away. But it tasted nasty.

This morning on my way to english class I was wearing a light dress and flip flops sweating, dying in the sun and the heat. Right now 3 hours later it is pooring and I am freezing, wearing my fleece. Crazy paraguaying el nino weather.

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