Thursday, January 14, 2010


So finally after almost 8 months in Paraguay I feel I have a routine, work to do, friends, things to do, a kitchen to cook in, and time to myself.

I hate to say it, because I love 25 de Abril and all the people there, but I think the move was a great thing. Being in San Salvador I feel like I have a purpose, and I am going to actually do something...The difference in communities is very large, some for the worse, but most for the better. The one thing that is so amazing is the people actually want to be my friend, work with me, and get to know me. Its not like pulling teeth trying the gain the trust of the people. I don't have to ride my bike 10 km every day to visit families to show that I am trying to integrate into their community. I can walk down the street, people I don't know say "Hi liz" and want to talk. I go to the store to buy 2 eggs and stay till midnight talking and eating with the owner.

I now kind of have a daily routine...ohh and I HAVE MY OWN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( gracias a dios)

The morings I had free. Now Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9-11 I teach two english classes. For what? Well over 50% of the people here have familiy in the U.S.A. and after high school most of them get private (expensive) tutors for English in Villarrica. So the community had asked me to teach a course to the kids starting at 7 years old up to 18. Its amazing the difference between the level of education in these kids and those in the campo. The kids here understand what is going on in class, pronounce the words almost perfect, and are advancing quickily. In 2 classes I am almost as far as 3 months in 25 de Abril.

I'll come home from lunch ( right now david is here so he'll cook a rico lunch...usually!)

At 12:30 I go to the cooperative. Right now they are inputing all of their information into a data base. All of the savings and loans of the people are in paper form, and now converting onto the computer. So its a lot of numbers, and names. But well worth it. So I am there to answer questions about excell and help teach computers to the employees. All of the employess ( the 4 of them) are really nice, and really want to work with me, egar to learn.

I'll get home around 4 ish. Eat a snack. Then watch my telenovela from 7-8.

At 8 I go to the cancha de volley. There is a group of women, and their daughters that play volley every night from 8-10 that have adopted me. The court is full of toads, and bugs, but super fun. The owner, Maria, super sweet but hates to loose. They yell at me a lot and get really frustrated but I swear I am improving. They tell me if I go every night I'll be amazing in no time. David and I have been going together, and they love him cause he knows how to play. They keep telling him that he needs to teach me. I am really not that bad....I don't think.

Come home take a shower and go to bed. And while I sleep I get eaten by bugs. Not sure what kind but my back isn't very pretty.

In the near future I am hoping to start the business course that I have from the Peace Corps. Also I want to get a group of the kids and start a youth group. And in their winter break in July I want to do a day camp with art & crafts and games. So any good ideas with arts & crafts send me and e-mail. I know I was a girl scout for many years...but I don't remember a lot.

I hope everyone is doing lovely. I am very happy. Miss you all!!

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