Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dia de Nino Salvador ( more like week)

The 100 year old almacen on the corner by my house

Paraguay is a very Catholic Country. Every city, pueblo, town, street has a patron saint. The patron saint of San Salvador is Niño Salvador. The date is January 6 but the party started January 2nd. On the second there was a Paraguayan style bull fight, then a huge party almost larger than the one i went to in asuncion for new years. Every night there was a mass, then 2 more bull fights during the week. The night of the 5th is when the celebrated the day of Niño Salvador. There was a mass, then a procession through the streets of San Salvador. The street were lit with candles in plastic pop bottles, and there was a truck carry the Niño. I was lucky enough to be hanging out with the women who decorated the float for the procession. I put some flowers around to deccorate, and the women were all happy to be there for me, and my first patron saint. The day of the 6th, there was another procession but during the day. The people here sure know how to honor their patrons.

The procession

The patio of the church decorated ready for the procession.

Ndikuaai sleeping in my purse

This one is for you, dad. Fixing the wire, in the rain. photo taken from my front room


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