Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Soccer in the COLD!

David had his first soccer game last night. He's playing in a men's league with my brother, Patrick, and the Ballard boys. Last night, the coldest night ever, just happened to be the first game of many. On the drive over the the field it started snowing and I thought David was going to die.
Their team had 12 players while the other team had about a million. The other team was constantly subbing and getting breaks while David's team was good for the first half and their legs were dead the second.
Patrick scored the first and only goal for their team while the other team scored about 5 goals. That's ok though, it was David and Patrick's teams first game, while the other team practices year round. The Ballard boys plus David and few are just warming up and will surely kick ass later in the season!

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