Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day / National Corn Dog Day

Corned Beef and Cabbage that I made in the crock pot.
It just so happened that this year National Corn Dog Day fell on St. Patrick's Day. Patrick's friend Peter is a member of the National Corn Dog Association and throws a party every year. The Association sends posters, tshirts, corn dog coupons and tattoos. Everything you need to throw an awesome party. There was a score board that was hanging on the wall where each person would put a tally for every corn dog, a tally for every 10 tator tots and a tally for every Guinness drank.
Patrick and Clay decided instead of a Corn dog eat off they would do a Corned beef and cabbage eat off, plus the tator tots and Guinness. I will leave that image for you to imagine.
It wasn't just David's first St. Patrick's day, actually celebrated, but it was his first corn dog and he's addicted. Although he decide to drink corona instead of Guinness. He said, " I'm not Irish, I drink yellow beer."
After the corn dog party we went home to rest and then met Paulette and Mateo ( both ex-Paraguay Peace Corps Volunteers) and headed to a concert in West Seattle. The concert was amazing, we danced our pants off and had an amazing time!

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